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Discover The 5 Best Pullover Sweatshirt Trends For Fall 2021!

pullover sweatshirt

A pullover sweatshirt is no ordinary garment. It is the most versatile garment and is almost omnipotent. It is everywhere! Brands like Chanel and Prada to brands like Nike and Adidas and top fashion designers. Everybody has their line of sweatshirts. It seems nobody is a stranger to the awe of the mighty sweatshirt!

But why?

Maybe because of its versatility. They come in many styles- the pullover sweatshirt, the hooded sweatshirt, the crewneck sweatshirt, the quarter-zip sweatshirt, etc. Apart from styles, you can design these styles in various ways. And when ready, you can wear it with almost anything, a coat, t-shirt, sweatpants, jeans, shorts, and whatnot!

Thus, this fall, we are celebrating the mighty pullover sweatshirt. Discover the best fall trends of 2021 in this post!

Let's begin!

The Best Pullover Sweatshirt Trends This Fall 2021!

pullover sweatshirt trends

Photo by Brice Brown on Unsplash

#1: Crewneck Sweatshirt

Crewnecks are an ideal partner for the cold fall evenings when the weather is not wet enough for a hood but calls for a comfy warm feeling.

The crewneck is a raging trend in the world of fashion. They are a classic. They are easy to layer with other garments, and you can wear them at any event- formal or informal, big or small! And it is so easy to customize them!

They do not have hanging drawcords or popping pockets that will disrupt the pattern you want to create over it. Crewnecks are open for you to paint your imagination on them.

You can create designs over the front, the upper back, or the sleeves. You can give your creativity wings and create designs with complete liberty.

There are many ways you can customize a sweatshirt- DTG, screen printing, embroidery, appliques, woven labels, etc. You can also create a design by combining one or more techniques, like DTG and embroidery!

And do you know, DTG and embroidery are pretty in these days, but more on them later!

But whatever you do, vibrant colour in the backdrop with a good texture will make all the difference. You can also give heather and marble styles a shot too!

A few crewnecks like the Gildan Heavy Blend 18000 and if you want a higher-end product, Bella + Canvas 3901 are both excellent choices!


Photo by Alex Ware on Unsplash

#2: DTG Printed Pullovers

DTG or Direct To Garment printing, as you know, is a premium printing technique for blank apparel. Hands down, it is one of the best ways to make custom pullover sweatshirts. It gives real-like colours and can print a design with even a thousand colours that are impossible with other techniques.

And the good news has DTG printed pullovers are in trend this fall! And especially the DTG streetwear style prints are going to rule the fall. Giving more information, DTG requires 90% or more cotton content in the fabric to render quality colours.

DTG gives you complete freedom to design the sweatshirt your way because there is no bar on what it can do! It is meant for complex designs especially.

Both sweatshirts and hoodies can be used for DTG prints. And again, a few sweatshirts that would be great for your DTG printing endeavours can be DTG colours of Bella + Canvas Crewneck 3945 & Bella + Canvas Hoodie 3719.

You can also opt for Independent Trading Co. Hooded AFX90UN and Independent Trading Co. Crewneck PRM3500.

custom pullover sweatshirts

Photo by Alessandro Sicari on Unsplash

#3: Embroidered Pullovers

Be it a hoodie or sweatshirt, embroidery can liven up anything, and this fall, many people are hailing the classic embroidery.

Embroidery can be used to produce small batches and takes a good amount of effort. But the effort is always worth it. You can embroider a logo or a word as shown above, or apply it in a combination of another technique, say, DTG. You can highlight specific parts of the DTG print or add a logo on the top-left of the print; again, the sky is the limit when it is about creative hoodie designing.

It is always better to use contrast when doing embroidery. For example, bright colours like yellow or even the evergreen white over a black sweatshirt look great!

You can use plain or heather colours for good embroidery. However, the colour and fabric you choose are your style choices; but the fundamental requirement for embroidery is a sturdy fabric. The sturdier the fabric, the easier the making will be and the longer it will last.

A good sweatshirt for embroidery is again a Bella + Canvas crewneck, which is Bella Canvas 3945.

embroidered pullovers sweatshirt

#4: Tie-Dyed And Pigment-Dyed Hoodies

Now for our favourite, the tie-dyed hoodies. Tie-dyed hoodies have an aura of their own. And the best part about them, you can be as creative as you want.

There are so many types of tying techniques that the outcomes you get are countless. You can experiment with different knots and different colours. And trust us, you would be in awe about how many designs you can make with this technique.

But do you know that many blank apparel companies manufacture hoodies that are already tie-dyed, mostly with marble effect? You can buy these and add more designs, like maybe some embroidery using your creativity.

You can rest assured, the end product sweatshirt is always an incredible work of art. And lastly, if you are thinking about tie-dying your blank clothing, choose one with higher cotton content in the fabric. The lesser cotton sweatshirts give a pale finish.

Some of the best sweatshirts for tie-dying are the same as those for DTG printing, as both need more cotton content.

#5: Colour Block Sweatshirts

Another raging trend in the world of sweatshirt fashion is colour block sweatshirts. Colour-blocked sweatshirts are great for you to make your merch stand out. Contrast colour neckbands, sleeves, or waistbands all give a spark to your designs. Colour-blocked merch never fails to attract eyeballs.

And when you add your fantastic designs like a logo, a quote, or even a cartoon character, to this colour-blocked sweat, it is a product made to impress. Depending on the sweat fabric, you can choose screen printing or DTG printing techniques and fearlessly paint your imagination.

If you choose screen printing go for a polyblend fabric and if you want to go for DTG printing, the best ones are above 90% cotton fabrics.

#6: Henley Pullovers

The Henley neckline, the classic three-button sweats are making a comeback this fall!

The innocent Henleys are great for painting your designs. And what's remarkable about this sweat is its versatility. You can dress it up; you can dress it down. Furthermore, this sweat goes great with a blazer, jacket, jeans, shorts; you name it.

Anybody can wear this sweat to any occasion- Night time strolls or parties. And this aspect gives you the bandwidth to experiment with various designs.

You can experiment with DTG printing, embroidery, or even colour-blocked Henley sweatshirt or anything else for that matter. It can be screen painting too!

You can experiment with DTG printing, embroidery, or even colour-blocked Henley sweatshirt or anything else for that matter. It can be screen painting too!


Sweatshirts are hands down one of the best garments you can use for creating custom apparel. As we have already seen, they come in various styles and can be done at a variety of events. They can be easily dressed down or dressed up.

And all this gives you a lot of scope and liberty to design. Furthermore, everybody, we mean everybody, wears sweatshirts. There are sweatshirts for men, sweatshirts for women, old, young, kids, etc. This again widens the scope!

We hope this article gave you an idea about various sweatshirts styles popular this fall. And that this info will help you serve your customers better!

Till then,

Happy designing!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q. Which fabric is the best for dtg printing and tie-dye and why?

A. Ideally, 100% cotton is what one requires for these techniques. But try to get as much cotton content as possible as otherwise, the colours are pale.

Q. What all printing techniques can I apply on a crewneck pullover sweatshirt?

A. Well, a crewneck pullover sweatshirt can be decorated with various techniques like screen printing, heat transfer, sublimation, DTG printing, embroidery, etc.

Q. Which brand are premium retail quality brands?

A. When it comes to retail quality blank apparel, one name pops up instantly, Bella + Canvas.

Q. Which brands are economical yet quality?

A. Almost all brands on the Northern Blanks website are fantastic, each with its own identity and strengths, like Gildan and Fruit Of The Loom offer excellent quality and colour range, and so on.

Q. Where can I get cheap hoodies?

A. Northern Blanks offers wholesale prices on all its big or small orders and is the best place to get cheap hoodies and other blank clothing.