Find Out The 5 Best Blank Wholesale Hoodies In Canada To Print On!

Blank Wholesale Hoodies

“The Hoodie epitomizes streetwear.”

~Gordon Richardson.

Don’t you think hoodies are the ultra-cool and the most versatile garment ever made? And almost everybody seems to love them! And indeed, this is good news for you as a printer of wholesale hoodies in Canada!

As everybody from 3-year-old babies to 60-year-old seniors loves to wear a hoodie! And why not? They can be personalized and exude a young and active feeling. And who wouldn’t love that?

But we have more good news!

According to a survey, amongst all the streetwear products out there, be it caps, t-shirts, etc., 15.6% of people worldwide would like to buy a hoodie! This makes hoodies the second-most-bought streetwear!

Indeed a piece of good news, isn’t it?

But to dish out the perfectly printed hoodies, you need to know which hoodies are the best for printing purposes and their different styles and care instructions, etc.

So, below we have the five best blank hoodies that are as good as a canvas for printing!

So, why wait? Here they are!

5 Best Blank Wholesale Hoodies In Canada To Print On!

Independent Hooded Sweatshirt SS4500

#1: Independent Trading Co. Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt SS4500

Independent midweight SS4500 is another name for luxury and luxury that comes with an easy price!

Talking about its fabric, it is very soft at the exterior and has the ideal thickness- not too much, not too less.

Now, about its looks. If torso and sleeve length is something that you care about, Independent SS4500 has quite long sleeves and torso, giving you an ultra-cool, modern look.

This is a good-quality hoodie. Why? A primary concern with every hoodie ever is that after washing it, it keeps rising on your torso and pulls the undershirt with it as well! But rest assured, this great hoodie will stay in its place even after multiple washes.

Though this almost perfect Independent hoodie also has a small lacking. The bottom section has a little stretch in it and has a snug fit at the bottom. But that is also how this hoodie stays in place as you walk. So, I guess this is a small price for the cause.

And what’s more, this snug fit will keep you warmer. And the wide hood and an equally wide front pouch add more warmth on the chilly windy nights or even days, for that matter!

And the best part is yet to come!

The label is tearable! So, if you want to replace it with your label, go forth and brand yourself!

Moreover, the hoodie comes in countless colours and sizes- XS, S, M, L, and all the way to 5XL. Also, the cloth is easily printable!

Wrapping up, this hoodie is an ideal gym partner and the hippest statement when you are out in the town! The style speaks for itself!

So, choose this Independent midweight SS4500 if you want the best of everything- style, comfort, excellent printability, and a reasonable price!

Its Features:

  1. 14.1 oz. (CA).
  2. 80/20 cotton polyester fleece and 100% cotton face.
  3. 55/45 cotton/polyester for heather colours, safety colours, and neon pink
  4. 75/25 cotton/ polyester for grey heather
  5. Tearaway label.

Gildan 18500 Hoodie 

#2: Gildan Heavy Blend 18500

Gildan heavy blend 18500 is one of the best cheap hoodies online in Canada! And don’t mistake its price for its utility, for it is the best deal out there.

It is durable, very comfortable, super soft, and available in a plethora of colours.

Talking about its weight, it weighs 13.5 oz. (CA).In terms of weight, this hoodie is second to only one hoodie on this list- The above Independent SS4500 weighs 14.1 oz.

And its hood is the heaviest in terms of the feel of the material. So, it makes a great early morning jogging hoodie as it will keep your ears and head warm and comfortable.

About the cloth material, it is very soft from the inside. And Gildan has used 50/50 preshrunk cotton/polyester for most of the colours of this hoodie.

This blend makes printing a breeze, and with so many colour options, this hoodie gives your imagination wings. And what’s more, the Gildan heavy blend 18500 comes with a tearable label.

So, go all in, make the best prints, add your brand label, and watch your business grow!

Lastly, the hoodie has a different style than the above Independent hoodie. This Gildan hoodie is shorter on the torso and sleeves than the above option. So, if you are more of a shorter hoodie fan, go for it!

It is the best option for school teams and clubs, camps, or promotional purposes in business.

Summarily, nothing beats the quality and colour variety of Gildan, especially at this price. So far, the best deal, heavy blend 18500, is the best Gildan hoodies in Canada!

Its features:

  1. It weighs 13.5 oz. (CA)
  2. Made of 50/50 preshrunk cotton/polyester
  3. Heather sports colours are 40/60 cotton/polyester
  4. Safety green compliant with ANSI/ ISEA 107.
  5. It has a grey pearlizedtearable label.

Fruit of the loom sofspun SF76R

#3: Fruit Of The Loom Sofspun SF76R

Fruit of the Loom Sofspun SF76R, weighing 7.02 oz., is a lightweight hoodie. Sofspun is one of the best Fruit of the Loom hoodies.

It is different from other hoodies because it is thinner than all others on this list and the lightest too.

Fruit of the Loom Sofspunis a double-layer hoodie. The base is thin and lightweight, while the inside is a thin jersey-like material.

However, it does its job of keeping you warm pretty well, but everybody may not like the light feel of the hoodie.

But the best feature of the hoodie is its fit. It is not too snug fit and not too baggy. So, if you need a well-fitted hoodie that doesn’t feel heavy, you know which one you should choose.

And now for the colours. As far as the colours of the hoodie are concerned, Fruit of the Loom hoodies does not fade. And sofspun is no exception. Also, you can rest assured your customers will never complain to you that the hoodie shrunk after wash.

Its features:

  1. It weighs 7.2 oz.
  2. Is 60/40 cotton/polyester
  3. It has a tearable label.

Jerzees nublend hooded sweatshirt 996MR 

#4: Jerzees Nublend 996MR

Jerzees Nublend 996MR, lies in the price range of Gildan 18500 and is also equally price-worthy.

Jerzees 996mr is certainly a hoodie designer and printer’s dream! Why, you ask? So, this hoodie has set-in sleeves and a seamless body so that you can be creative and add any custom side-prints.

Also, the fabric is a high-density weave that ensures a very smooth print. What else would you want?

But yes, you would want more colours! And the Jerzees ginny has it! Jerzees comes in aprox 30 colours. This is the broadest range of colours available in any of the pullover hoodies on this list!

I feel the best way to describe the remaining features of this hoodie is by drawing a comparison with the Gildan 18500. I think that would better help you to boil down to the choice of your ideal blank hoodie.

This Jerzees 996mr hoodie is midweight and is marginally heavier than the former.

Finally, about its fit. Gildan 18500, as you might remember, had a shorter torso and sleeve but if a longer torso and sleeves are what you fancy, opt for JerzeesNublend 996mr!

So, the difference between both plain hoodies majorly boils down to the fit you want- short or long!

Its features:

  1. It weighs 13.3 oz. (CA)
  2. It uses 50/50 preshrunk cotton/polyester
  3. Oxford is 49/51 cotton/polyester
  4. It has the broadest range of around 30 colours.
  5. High-density weave for smooth print.

bella + Canvas sponge fleece hoodie 3719

#5: Bella + Canvas 3719

Bella + Canvas blank apparels belong to another league. Their motto is ‘Be Different,’ and indeed, they do everything differently!

They bring the quality of retail to the wholesale market. No doubt Bella + Canvas is the most expensive blank apparel on the whole list, but if you have a demanding client base or just want exceptional quality whatsoever, make Bella + Canvas your decision.

This 3719 hoodie has exceptional fabric quality. It is airlume combed and made of ringspun cotton/polyester! So, you can be sure that it will be comfortable and printing on it would be a breeze.

But as a printing business, you would want an array of colour options to utilize your creativity fully. Thus, when it comes to colour options, Bella + Canvas 3719 hoodie has 30+ options.

Talking about the fit, the hoodie is quite long on both the torso and sleeves. So, you can rest assured, your customized hoodie will look brilliant on the wearer.

And lastly, the hoodie weighs 10 oz. (CA). Undoubtedly, the hoodie is lighter than most on this list, but it is all in a good way! As the fabric still feels sturdy and comfortable.

Its features:

  1. It weighs 10 oz. (CA)
  2. Athletic heather colours are 90/10 airlume combed and ringspun cotton/polyester.
  3. Heather Navy is 60/40 airlume combed and ringspun cotton/polyester
  4. Digitals are 100% polyester
  5. Marbles are 85/15 airlume combed and ringspun cotton/polyester
  6. DTG Colours have 100% cotton face and 70/30 airlume combed and ringspun cotton/polyester.
  7. It has a tearable label.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:


Easily, Gildan heavy blend 18500 and JerzeesNublend 996mr hoodies are the best bang for your buck! They are both good quality hoodies priced very economically.


No doubt, if you want the elite class of hoodies, go for Bella + Canvas 3719. It is the best you can get!


You can easily opt for either of Gildan 18500 or Jerzees 996mr. And if small margins also make a difference for you? Go for Gildan 18500. It is more economical.


Yes, all the above hoodies have tearable labels.


No. None of them have any pre-printed logos. They are all indeed the best plain hoodies in Canada.


There are countless plain pullover hoodies available in the market. But above, we have wrapped up the best wholesale hoodies in Canada available out there. And the above hoodies can fulfil almost any blank hoodie requirement in Canada.

But if you have a requirement that the above hoodies do not meet? Comment your requirement below; we will be glad to suggest the ideal hoodie for your need.

Every requirement is unique to us. So, whatever it is, big or small, we would love to help. So, comment below and let us know. Also, please let us know if you have any suggestions or doubts regarding the above information.

We hope you found the above info helpful!

So, till then, keep printing, and stay awesome!