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Want To Buy Best Wholesale T-Shirts In Canada? Here Is Where And How!

Are you looking for the best wholesale T-Shirts in Canada? If yes, then indeed you must be having a lot of questions that need answers before you buy some for yourself. You need to know which brands are the best and their USPs and costs, which printing process suits the blank T-shirts you want to acquire, and finally, how to do business out of it.

Selling printed blank T-shirts in Canada is a vast business. And this article will walk you through each detail you need to know before you start. And even if you want bulk T-shirts for non-business purposes, the article still has a lot of value for you!

So, let's start!

Which Blank T-Shirt Brand Should I Choose?

The custom T-shirt market in Canada is growing by the day. And this has incentivized the blank t-shirt manufacturers to experiment and come up with great products. You name the product, and they have it. Be it lightweight, heavyweight, 100% Polyester, 100% Cotton, 50% 50% blends, tri-blends, etc.

These manufacturers have aced their game and are ready to serve you in the best possible manner. Whatever your end customer wishes, these manufacturers have got it. You only need to research which manufacturer provides what fit, what colour, what cloth, etc.

Below we have a few brands that have made blank t-shirts in Canada, a multi-million industry.

#1: Gildan

Gildan is a name that has now become synonymous with blank apparel in Canada. Today they sell everything from tees to fleece to sports shirts and so on. But surprisingly, Gildan had a very humble beginning. They started with a knitting mill acquisition in 1984 and have never looked back.

This billion-dollar company today employs more than 40,000 people but still stays down to earth. They believe in quality and sell their merchandise at very affordable rates.

Look up to Gildan if you need a variety of colours, sizes, and styles. It offers both adult unisex short sleeves t-shirt and long-sleeved t-shirts. Similarly, it also has women's short and long-sleeved t-shirts. The options don't end yet. They also provide toddlers and kids t-shirts in a variety of colours.

Gildan promises you not only colours and variety in styles but also quality. So, if you want to come clean on the standards of your clients or family and friends, go for Gildan.


Set up in 1976, ALSTYLE is an old and established t-shirt supplier. And ALSTYLE has used their experience and wisdom to adapt to modern times. Its t-shirts have a modern edge that suits the needs of everybody. Be it college students, skateboarding enthusiasts, niche clothing lines, or even young professionals.

Their soft and soothing thread pattern gives a silky smooth texture and provides optimum comfort for the wearer.

Also, ALSTYLE comes clean on the variety expectations as well. They come in all styles and colours. They even manufacture comfortable and athletic adult sleeveless preshrunk muscle t-shirts.

You are never short of options with ALSTYLE.

#3: Fruit Of The Loom

Fruit Of The Loom is a 150-year-old brand and has a history worth knowing, but that is a story for another day. Today Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway is the parent organization of this phenomenal Canadian company.

Fruit of the loom manufactures long-lasting t-shirts and is ideal for schools, charities, and business organizations.

Lastly, its 90% cotton and 10% polyester t-shirtsare ideal for screen printing. It comes cheaper as polyester costs less than cotton and also dries quickly. Also, it doesn't shrink much in the dryer, and the cotton holds the dye longer. All of this makes screen printing easier and long-lasting.

#4: Bella + Canvas

Bella + Canvas today is one of the biggest brands for wholesale t-shirts in Canada.But in stark contrast to its current position, it began as a screen printing company by Danny and Marco in 1992.

Keeping in view that it is newer in the industry as compared to other brands, the progress is commendable. And indeed, the credit goes to the quality of their products, their dedicated customer service, and their passionfor bringing premium fashion to the world of wholesale. All three combined have worked like magic to bring it to such heights.

So, this was all about the USPs of a few brands we like. And now, it's time for the fun part! We need to get these t-shirts printed. So, here is a little information about t-shirt printing methods.

Which Method Should I Choose For Printing Blank T-Shirts in Canada?

The secret to happy customers is always good quality. And in our case, it means comfortable t-shirts and vibrant,long-lasting printing. We already know where to get blank shirts in Canada. So, now it's time to learn a bit about the printing methods.

But before we start, have a look at this infographic from PlaceIt.

T-Shirt Printing Methods Placeit Infographic

So, as the infographic says, the first decision to make before you start printing is how to print!

And this decision depends on the type of cloth material you are printing on and the type of print.

Say you have to print a black Adidas logo;screen printing is the way to go. But if you want a floral print that has so many colours that you cannot even count, go for either direct-to-garment or sublimation technique. 

Here is a little more info to help you decide which printing technique fits your needs!

#1: Screen Printing

If it is bulk printing that you want to achieve, screen printing is the way to go! Screen printinggets cheaper as the quantity of the t-shirts increase. Also, it allows you to achieve the most long-lasting prints. And lastly, do you want to colour dark-coloured t-shirts? Don't worry! This technique colours dark t-shirts as well as light-coloured ones without any hiccups.

If you want to sell cheap t-shirts in Canada, trust us, screen printing is your best friend.

But you know, everything has its downsides.Some aspects where screen printing lacks behind is when you need to print more colours. This technique gets hectic and inefficient when you try to include too many colours in a single print.

Also, it is challenging to master this technique, and if you find a supplier, they may want a minimum quantity order.

 #2: Sublimation

The sublimation technique involves converting dye to a gaseous form as it prints the t-shirt. And since the dye is permanent, the print does not peel or fade with time. Also, it can be used to print heavy-coloured designs and designs that cover the whole or most of the t-shirt.

But then there are its cons. It would help if you had a poly blend or polyester garment to use this technique. And it will not cover the area around the edges, collar, and seams.

#3: DTG Printing

DTG printing is the way to go if you have the budget and want optimum quality.

It prints unlimited colours and can cover the whole t-shirt. But it is best for printing smaller batches because increasing the quantity does not decrease the production price.

Though once you start using it, there is no going back.

One disadvantage of this technique is that the equipment maintenance and ink costs are high. And that inks tend to fade away with time.

So, in a nutshell, the type of print, material type, and the type of clientele you want to target will determine which technique you would ultimately choose.

Sell Printed T-Shirts Online Instagram

How To Sell Printed T-Shirts Online?

Now that you have bought a blank shirt and printed it, you need to sell it.

You can use many online channels to sell your awesomely made t-shirts—A Shopify website, Instagram, and Print-on-Demand websites.

Print-on-Demand websites take the marketing headache from you in lieu of a cost, which here is a commission. But if you are too busy creating, you can think about giving away a little and instead earn peace of mind. An example of a trustable Print-on-Demand website is TeePublic.

The next online channel to market and sell your custom t-shirts in Canada is through Instagram. Instagram shopping has become a huge trend, and the platform is visual content savvy. So, you can easily leverage the platform for huge marketing potential, expanding your customer base, and making sales!

Lastly, Shopify is the best online channel to make sales. There are four pillars of your online Shopify business-

  1. Inventory management (you can do that using Shopify)
  2. Shipping (again, there are various Shopify shipping apps)
  3. Product Packaging (Another very important part. Engage a local packager that fits your budget)
  4. Payment Gateway Service Providers (Shopify includes PayPal by default. You can add more according to your needs)

Additionally, consider learning digital marketing from Google's Digital Garage. This will give you an edge over other sellers.

Northern Blanks

Why Choose Northern Blanks For Buying Wholesale T-Shirts In Canada?

Northern Blanks is a distributor of all types of blank wearables.

As the name suggests, we sell blanks all over Canada. And by blanks, we mean any blank wearable there could be t-shirts, athletics, outerwear, shirts, polo/sports shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, accessories, or headwear.

Northern Blanks is your one-stop destination for buying any blanks. And why should you buy from us? We offer the lowest prices! We not only sell wholesale t-shirts in Canada but all other types of wearables. And when you place an order worth $500 or more, the shipping is on us.

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We understand time is money and thus you save money with our fast deliveries as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

What is a Tri-Blend Fabric?

Tri-Blend Fabric is different from 100% cotton. As the name suggests, a tri-blend fabric uses three fabrics, which are usually 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, and 25% Rayon. Such a fabric is softer and has a better texture than 100% cotton.

Which fabrics work best for T-Shirts?

No one fabric works well. Many materials like cotton, polyester, linen, rayon, tri-blends, etc., all are good, and the final choice depends on your needs.

Which blank T-Shirt brands do Northern Blanks provide?

You name it, and we have it. Still, some of our favourite brands are Adidas, Alstyle, Anvil, Bella + Canvas, Champion, Fruit Of The Loom, Gildan, Jerzees, M&O, Next Level, Puma, Rabbit Skin, etc.

My T-Shirt changed colour, or the colour faded after a wash. Why did this happen?

There are a lot of reasons why this could happen. Some of the most probable ones could be that the PTG machine is old or uncalibrated, your screen painting or sublimation equipment was broken, supplies are low quality, an impatient screen printer, and incorrect pressure while pushing the ink so on.

But don't worry, as long as the printing technique suits your cloth material, there are high chances you will get a good result.

What is the shipment process of Northern Blanks?

All orders made before 4:00 pm EST are processed the same day and others on the next business day. And you will receive your order within 1-2 business days.

We have four warehouses, namely:

  1. Vancouver, BC
  2. Calgary, AB
  3. Toronto, ON
  4. Richmond, ON

And your shipping rates depend on the quantity, weight, and address of your order.


Buying blank wholesale t-shirts in Canada and printing them is one of the best businesses. And with sound research, you can nail it. Add a zest of creativity, and your designs would be the bestsellers out there.

And whenever you embark on your journey, checkout our collection of blank apparel. You are sure to find the garments that meet your needs and more. We are proud of our collection, customer service, and affordable rates.

We hope you found the above article helpful. And if you have any suggestions or queries, leave a comment below. We are all ears and reply ASAP!