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Wholesale Custom T-Shirts: 10 Reasons When You Might Need Them In Canada!



You would agree with me; T-shirts never seem to be out of fashion! They are eternal. So, if you own a printing company or are a T-shirt designer or anyone else who loves making custom t-shirts, here are ten ideas when anybody might need wholesale custom t-shirts from you!

So, let's start with an interesting fact that will surely boost your morale!

We have heard this more than enough times, how COVID-19 caused havoc on near about every industry. But a t-shirt company's stats say their T-Shirt orders spiked to about four times, i.e. approximately 330% after COVID-19 happened! Interesting, right? And it is good news, isn't it?

But why? Maybe because they are comfy and a carefree version of clothing perfect for working from home. Or maybe because of how tremendously diversified their applications are! From camp organizers to businesses of all sizes, they all just love a customized t-shirt! Don't they?

So, here are the top 10 reasons when anybody might need wholesale custom t-shirts from you!

Let's start!

The Top 10 Reasons Why Anybody Might Need Wholesale Custom T-Shirts!

sport t-shirts

 #1: Camps

Camps had to be the first point. They are the first thing that pops into my mind when I think of custom-made t-shirts.

Be it a day camp or summer camp; camp authorities buy bulk custom t-shirts for their staff and campers.Camp organizers print their staff member name and position, camp name, etc., on staff t-shirts and the child's name and camp name on children's t-shirts.

But why do camps buy wholesale custom t-shirts? Well, there are a hundred reasons why they do so.

The camp staff needs to wear these t-shirts so that children can reach out to them quickly. And not only children, but other staff can also recognize the camp people easily. This step becomes essential when everybody is in a public place and finding each other is difficult.

Another advantage of buying custom t-shirts is that it makes the camp look authentic and trustable. The parents will be far more peaceful back in their homes because they trust the camp organizer.

And that's not all, custom kids t-shirts have many advantages as well. The staff can spot their camp kids easily when out in public places. But the most important is that t-shirts are incredible souvenirs. We all know how nostalgic it is to see them again once we grow older.

And not only t-shirts, but camps also need baseball caps, hoodies, and sweatshirts, etc. so, if you can print them as well, you are in for a treat. 

And do you know? Northern Blanks provides every blank apparel you might ever need for your printing business!


#2: Show Your Support For Your Favourite Team!

Fans are not fads. Sports team fans are passionate enough to buy custom t-shirts with the team's logo, name, etc. It is an important gesture to show support to the teams, especially when attending tournaments.

And the same kind of passion translates itself when, say, a popstar's concert. Merchs from the popstar's brand and custom printed t-shirts from other sellers are a huge craze amongst the masses.

And last but not least, it is not very rare for celebrities to wear custom t-shirts to support their social cause or NGOs. So, even they might need wholesale custom t-shirts.

#3: Gift Them!

Custom printed t-shirts are an all-time favourite gift. Be it for friends, family, or couples. You can design t-shirts to express something that you mutually share. 

Wearing custom printed t-shirts can be a great idea at fun family reunions. You can gift your friend a t-shirt custom-designed around their persona or anything that you both vibe on together; maybe your favourite video game.

And custom couple t-shirts give a feel of belonging, and most importantly, they serve as great memories.

#4: They Make Great Training Freebies

The coaching industry is growing by the day. Be it lifestyle coaches or business coaches, or any other stream. But when they conduct seminars or training, they tend to distribute their custom printed t-shirts as souvenirs at the training end.

The same trend can be seen in-company training. Whether training their employees or partner companies, giving away the highest quality custom t-shirts is a great move! Why? Well, because it is indirect marketing!

If the t-shirts are good, the trainees wear them when out for fun. This gives the company or coach free marketing and recognition.

team t-shirts

#5: School Clubs or Sports Teams

Schools need wholesale custom t-shirts for their clubs and various academic, cultural, and sports teams.

Having a custom printed t-shirt gives the students a sense of unity, and it is surprising how strongly it makes the team feel connected!

And teams and clubs are great customers for buying a variety of custom clothing. They need various sizes, colours, and fits. Trust Northern Blanks for all your wholesale blank apparel needs. We house all types of blank apparel in numerous sizes, colours, and fits!

#6: For Social Media Personalities

Social media influencers are a big deal these days. But ads are not the only way they earn. Social media celebrities also have their merch that they promote and sell through their social media channels.

Influencers also give away custom printed t-shirts to the winners of their, say, weekly contests.

#7: Event Management Companies

We have all seen the simple but the 'so cool' t-shirts that event management staff wear during events.

Event management companies buy bulk custom t-shirts for their staff. But why do they always use custom printed t-shirts?

Events usually involve a large number of people to manage them. And a lot of which is temporary staff like college students, etc. Naturally, nobody knows all the other staff members. Thus, a custom t-shirt with the department name printed on it is a considerable boost to management. It makes it easy for people to collaborate.

Event companies give out huge orders. And when you talk about timely delivery of bulk orders, talk Northern Blanks. We have a fast delivery that arrives on time. Also, we offer free delivery above $349 before taxes.

#8: Businesses

Businesses might need bulk custom t-shirts for numerous reasons.

They might be hosting a promotional event where staff members would be present. Or maybe they will have a stall at a fair or a booth at a local market, etc. Again they would like to have their brand's t-shirt over their employees. This is not only professional but also good promotion.

Or they may be planning a t-shirt marketing campaign. Again they would need to buy some custom t-shirts in Canada online.

#9: Bands

Hands down, bands are the source of the coolest t-shirts out there. We love band t-shirts because they are so expressive. Their tee merch conveys a message.

And this is the very reason why bands get custom t-shirts for themselves and create their line of merchandise.

And their fans love to buy these t-shirts, and that's how it is a win-win situation.


#10: To Flaunt Personal Fashion Quotient

After discussing how the wholesale custom t-shirts sell, let us see why individuals also love custom printed t-shirts.

Due to the plethora of t-shirt designing tools out there, many people design their apparel like students. As that expresses their creativity and they can be sure, nobody else has the same tee!

Northern Blanks

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

What is the most important commercial benefit of custom t-shirts?

Well, if you ask us, it is the promotion of a brand or business. Then comes selling the merchandise.

Are custom t-shirts a good gifting idea?

Indeed, they are. The amount of personalization makes them an ideal gift.

What are some of the free t-shirt maker tools?

Design Hill and Printful are two great tools!

Do northern blanks ship out retail orders?

Yes, we do!

Does northern blanks anything apart from blanks?

Yes, indeed we do!


Making wholesale custom t-shirts is an excellent business idea in Canada. New opportunities are budding every day. And with little effort, you can set up a business in full-throttle!

Many brands, celebrities, and businesses, etc. order custom t-shirts to spread the word about them. You just need to seize the opportunities.

We hope this article was helpful and that it provided value! If you have any doubts or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!