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Your Cotton Sweatshirt Is Special- Learn How To Care For It & Style It!

women cotton sweatshirts

Cotton sweatshirts are hand down the most versatile and low-maintenance garment ever made!I have seen people pairing sweatshirts with blazers and looking pretty awesome. You can wear them in summers, winter, fall, basically any time of the year! And when it comes to maintenance, they don't ask much. You can wash them after multiple wears if you wish, and they do not need any special treatment either!

They are rugged and comfortable.

So, in this post, let's get to know our favourite, so special, so cool sweatshirts a little better!

So, first of all, let's get to know what precisely a sweatshirt is?

What Is A Cotton Sweatshirt?

Sweatshirts are often confused with sweaters, but they are very different, actually.

You can't wear sweaters in summer, but you can easily don a sweatshirt!

As we all know, sweaters are made up of wool. But on the other hand, a sweatshirt is made of dense cotton and is lined with fleece on the inner side. The lining ensures that any sweat due to exercise or just everyday hustle gets absorbed ASAP! And the cotton makes it a fantastic wearable in both summers and winters.

Nowadays, we get sweats in various fabrics ranging from synthetic to cotton. There are polyester sweatshirts, too, these days. But that is not how it started. The first sweatshirt was made of cotton, and do you know who made it? Mr. Russell of the Russell Athletics made the first sweatshirt in 1926! It was a classic crewneck sweatshirt made up of dense cotton.

He was tired of chafing and tired of asking a wool sweater to do the job of cotton! So, he invented the sweatshirt as we see it today!

And there is more than one reason he might have wanted only cotton fabric, as there are many benefits of using cotton in sweatshirts. Cotton is genuinely a super fabric as it is breathable, comfortable, suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergic, and holds the shape well! And lastly, if you are an environment-friendly person, it is renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable!

What else would anyone want? Indeed they are special, aren't they?

But what makes them even more special is their versatility regarding style!So, let's shed some light on it!

Russell athletics

How Can You Best Style Your Sweatshirt?

Sweatshirts are the epitome of versatility. They are made for everyone. There are sweatshirts for men, sweatshirts for women, kids, young, old… There is tons of variety in styles too! There are mock neck sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, quarter-zip sweatshirts, and so on. They go in every season. And they can be styled with everything and anything- a tee, jeans, khakis, or even blazers!

So, let's take a dip in their versatility and see how we can style them for different types of looks.

How To Layer The Top?

#1: Want A Simple Look? Go For A Crewneck Sweatshirt!

A crewneck sweatshirt gives a very casual and simple look. So, if it is strolling around the town or something related to work, trust a crewneck for your styling! And instead of a plain sweatshirt, you can also opt for a crewneck with some graphics or badging to make things exciting and go even more casual!

#2: Couple Up Your Sweatshirt With A Shirt For A Timeless Casual Look!

Don a shirt underneath your sweatshirt such that the collar hangs over the sweatshirt and the shirt also stretches further below.

Now, you can choose to tuck in the shirt or let it peek out from beneath. Also, rolling the shirt's cuffs over the cuffs of the sweatshirt is again a great idea. It looks fantastic and is a timeless casual look!

Pro Tip: Pair up monotone sweats with a multi-colour shirt for the best look!

#3: Style it with a tee and a blazer!

This is a little tricky because it needs some trial and error from your side to find what suits you, but anyways it is a great innovative, casual, yet professional style! Wear a tee below the sweat and let it peek out from beneath. Now find a blazer that suits your style and wear this to any event that requires a jacket. Believe us; it will be a very different and innovative look!

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How To Layer The Bottom?

#1: Everybody's go-to option, their favourite jeans!

When looking for bottoms for your cotton hoodie, everybody's go-to option is their favourite jeans. Whatever it be, skinny jeans, boot cut, straight jeans, classic jeans and sweatshirts are their perfect partners.

Pro Tip: Pick dark jeans with your favourite sweat for a bold look.

#2: Pair it with slacks for an office look!

The slacks provide a clean and structured look, and the sweatshirt offers the comfort. Wear this outfit to your office and enjoy the comfort the whole day long.

Pro Tip: Pair this with loafers of your choice, and you are good to go!

#3: And lastly, don't leave behind khaki shorts!

Khaki shorts just 1-3 inches above your knee are a great partner to the sweatshirt. Style it your way. It is an excellent combo for a cool summer night!

Pro Tip: Add boat shoes to the look for nicer occasions.

How To Add Finishing Touches?

#1: Want a professional look? Use watches!

Watches complete any look, especially a professional look. For a very professional look, go for a simple band and dial to keep things chic and highlight the sweatshirt even more.

#2: Hats and sunglasses for making things peppy

Hats and sunglasses add colour and texture, but you need to make sure that everything goes well with each other. There are many more ways you can style a sweatshirt. For example, an oversized sweatshirt can be used as a dress for girls. There are endless ways you can style a sweat. Comment below and tell us your favourite sweat look!

After understanding the styling, let's look at how to take care of the hoodie so that you can style it your way for the years to come!


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How To Care For A Cotton Sweatshirt?

Here are a few ways to elongate the life of your dear sweatshirt!

#1: Take Care The Water Is Warm And Not Too Hot!

You might have atleast once experienced or heard about shrinking cotton clothes. Well, that won't be the case with most good-quality sweatshirts, as they are preshrunk. But why test luck?

Thus wash with warm water as hot water stresses the cotton fibre and causes it to weaken or shrink. We advise not to wash your sweats over a temperature of 105 Degree Fahrenheit or 40.5 Degree Celsius.

#2: Flat Dry Instead Of Tumble drying

Tumble drying force dries the clothes and stresses the fibres, which can cause the sweatshirt to shrink.

Thus, do it the old-fashioned way and hang your sweats. But again, talking about the best practices, we would say, flat dry your clothes.

#3: Say No To Bleach

Bleach is not meant for natural fibres. And cotton is one of the natural fibres, does not like bleach very much. 

Bleach wears out the cotton fibres, making them thin and eventually break. Thus, say no to bleach!

#4: Use The Iron On Low

Though flat drying will rule out most wrinkles, if you must use an iron, use it on low heat. We recommend a temperature below 230 Degree Fahrenheit or 110 Degree Celsius.

#5: The Truth About Fabric softeners!

Many of us use fabric softeners in the hope of soft fabrics. But the truth is that goes well, only in the short run. 

Why you may be thinking!

Well, because softeners build up residue on the fabric fibres. So, when you use the softener repeatedly, the residue builds up and harms your clothes in the long run.

#6: Wash Your Sweatshirt Only When Needed

Too much washing can make your sweatshirt threadbare.

So, wash only as much as you need to. As a general rule of thumb, washing after 5-6 wears is quite enough. But as this is a subjective matter, choose your frequency. But we would advise you to avoid overdoing washing.


Sweatshirts are indeed a boon. They are comfortable, can be styled with anything, and are easy to care for, everything making them a great buy. And you must have seen too, that there is hardly any sweat you bought that is lying waste in your wardrobe.

So, these were all the care instructions and styling ideas up our sleeve. If you have some, please do share them with us. We are all ears.

And if you plan to buy blank clothing, be it plain sweatshirts or any other blank apparel, browse our collection. We have a wide range of brands and blank clothing at the best price possible. We deliver Canada-wide, and we deliver quickly! Try us to get to know us better!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q. Can I wear my sweatshirt in the summers?

A. Yes, indeed you can!

Q. Should I hang my sweatshirt or fold it?

A. Always prefer folding it.

Q. How to fold a sweatshirt?

A. Fold the sweatshirt in half, then fold the sleeves on the body pointing downwards, and finally fold the sweatshirt in half so that the sleeves touch the crewneck now.

Q. How to wash without pilling?

A. Turn the sweatshirt inside out, now handwash or wash it on delicate. Next, flat dry it.

Q. How to remove pilling from a sweatshirt?

A. Lay the sweat on a flat surface, maybe a table. Now comb against the grain of pilling with a fine-toothed comb.